Landscape painter

Lofoten project

"Polar Ice ~ Fragile Beauty"
at the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark
2 December 2011 - 31 January 2012

‘Polar Ice - Fragile Beauty’ is an informative exhibition by British artist Rowan Huntley showing dramatic frozen scenery from around the Antarctic Peninsula and Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord. On display at the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen throughout December and January, the exhibition will highlight what we stand to lose in an ever warming world.

‘Polar Ice - Fragile Beauty’ is a selection of Rowan’s field studies, paintings and prints which portray the beautifully dramatic icy realms of our Polar Regions. Complemented by photos and diary extracts from her field visits, Rowan’s work draws attention to these two remarkable and remote places which lie a whole world apart and yet are equally at risk from global rising temperatures.

A painter of icy landscapes for over 15 years, Rowan has become intensely aware of their vulnerability. She says: “Opinions may vary on the reasons behind the warming of the planet but it is definitely happening and we cannot ignore it. If these fragile environments are lost they may never be regained and that would be disastrous for the world. As an artist who loves nature I care greatly that the most vulnerable aspects of our natural world are protected against further preventable damage caused by our own ignorance. It is therefore my aim that the pictures I produce should contribute to showing others, in parallel to science, what stands to be lost as our world warms up. By providing a visual backdrop to the words currently being spoken on Climate Change issues I hope that I can help demonstrate, to a wider audience, that decisive action continues to be essential in the fight to reduce the detrimental and devastating impact of Global Warming in these areas.”

Rowan first visited Antarctica with the British Royal Navy’s Survey ship HMS Scott on a month long artist’s residency placement. She was the first ever recipient of this residency awarded by the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute in the UK. A second trip was undertaken as Artist in Residence of environmentally aware cruise ship MV Plancius. Rowan visited Greenland with the support of the Andrew Croft Memorial Fund and the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund Edward Wilson Fund, UK.